My Youngest is the Only Child for the Weekend

My Youngest is the Only Child for the Weekend

With big brother out of town, my youngest is the only child. This doesn’t happen to often but we are going to enjoy the time.

My son is incredibly fortunate to have a godmother that wants to take him hiking over the weekend. Securing the carseat felt normal. Giving goodbye hugs in front of the house I began wondering how his camping trip would turn out. But watching them drive away in the distance made me wonder when did I become so emotional. I couldn’t help but wonder what he would do if he woke up scared in the middle of the night. Quickly I realized I needed to let go and have fun with My Precious who was waving frantically in my arms.  

What Did we Do with One Child?

Kim and I began pondering different things do. Should we take MJ to a movie? No, Jackie wouldn’t forgive us if we went to a family movie without him. Eventually we settled to go out for ice cream. Before we got on the road, MJ looked across the car and saw the missing carseat. She said, “Oh no. Where is Jack?”

Spending the weekend with all the attention from mom and dad must have been awesome for my Precious. She got to make homemade pizza with mom, double the night time read aloud, double the attention at dinner, and no one took the Kindle when she watched a show. My wife and I couldn’t help but say, “Do you remember how simple life was like with one child?”

Having one child for the weekend had a real impact on the whole house. It was much quieter, getting in and out of the house was easier, and both parents fought over who would take the only child during the day. Who would have thought? Even though we spent a lot of time bonding with our youngest. Everything we did as a family of three made us feel like we are meant to be a family of four. In a few hours, we’ll all be reunited and anxiously waiting for the next opportunity to alter our family count again.

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