It’s Great When the Kids Get Along

It’s Great When the Kids Get Along

Over the past few months, both of my children have been saying the darnedest things. Precious has exploded with words ever since her tonsil surgery while My Main Man has taken it upon himself to become bossy. With all that being said, it has been fun watching and listening to them play and fight the way siblings often do.

Traveling in the car has to be the most interesting time to listen to the two children playing. They’re stuck in their seats, the kids can pass things back and forth to each other, and they can either make the best or worst of their circumstances. Most often, they do make the best of their situations.

Last night’s car ride was hilarious. It was well past bedtime and both kids were still taking down Skittles and M&M’s (a perk of staying at the basketball game with dad). To help them simmer down, I turned on Sing!, the album. My Main Man heard the piano and bass intro to I’m Still Standing and the following conversation ensues.

I Love this Song

I’m Still Standing playing in the background.

JB: Hey, do you hear that?

MJ: Yeah! Do you like it?

JB: Of course. We like it!

MJ: Yeah, you’re right.

JB and MJ in unison: I’m Still Standing. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

JB: Everyone likes this song but I love this song.

MJ: What about me? Can I love the song too?

JB: Only if you play the piano like Johnny.

The conversation continued through the song but wandered and wavered until I drowned them out with my own singing. Hearing the two kids get along is refreshing. It is nice to have the kids in a good mood after a long night, a bunch of excitement, and a bag full of candy.

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