Weekend at Grandma and Grandpa’s

Weekend at Grandma and Grandpa’s

A few months ago I wrote this post but never hit the publish button. With that being said, it’s interesting looking back at the post realizing my thought haven’t changed. It shows my consistency.

Weekend at Grandma and Grandpa’s

I had the kids for the weekend. It was amazing. Not everything went to plan but that’s what made it great.

Settling in my childhood home on Friday night, my mother showed me news article announcing a youth basketball clinic in Keney Park. Although I hadn’t been to the park in years, I thought it would be great to go back.

Keney Park wasn’t what I remembered. It was bigger and greener than I remember. The last time I was at the basketball court I saw Marcus Camby and Allen Iverson. From my memories, I remember Marcus Camby looked like he could hang from the rim without jumping. People were crowding around him like the pigeon lady in Home Alone 2:

Although the two NBA players weren’t in attendance on my latest visit,  there were a number of other legends in attendance. The legends were getting the latest young kids into basketball. Seeing all the young kids in attendance made me wonder how many kids spent their free time playing on the playground.

Throughout the years, I hadn’t spent too much time on the playground parks. During my formative years of playing basketball I played against my older brother. Because all the kids in the neighborhood were older than me, I spent most of my free time working on new moves that might work on them.

One week, the neighbor’s grandson came over and started dunking on my brother and I. At the time, I didn’t have words for it. Over the next week I spent every free moment practicing. My brother, Josh and I, spent Saturday practicing to beat the neighbor’s grandson. When he walked across the lawn in his BYBL t-shirt, Josh and I knew we had something in store for him. 2 on 1, he would be going to down after all the work I put in. Within a matter of seconds, it was easy to tell he was going to pound us into the ground.

By the time he left, my brother had gone inside and my father walked outside to talk to me. He said something I heard the old legends say in Keny Park. “What are you did today lays the groundwork for you wins tomorrow.”

When I heard my dad say those words I didn’t believe him. A few years later, as a high schooler, I played against my neighbor’s grandson. We both will say we won (he’ll say he won and that’s because of his creative score keeping). My dad’s words and the legend’s came back to me. I knew the work I put in made a difference.

Getting shots up with acorns and leaves on the driveway made a difference. Playing through the cold made my hands tough. Using a basketball with no grip made it easy to handle a new ball I had never touched before the tip off. Getting man handled by the man-child neighbor’s grandchild isn’t much different from matching up with a high major kid D1.

In Kenny Park, I saw a bunch of kids who got the best lesson any young kid could hope to learn. Everyday is the best day to work on your game. Each day you can make progress towards beating your own neighbor’s grandson. The legends passed on words of wisdom. Basketball players can always get better.

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