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Before I Lose my Marbles Listen to This…

Before I Lose my Marbles Listen to This…

Every now and then I realize I’ve told the boss every story there is to know about me. Lately, I’ve been narrating many of my favorite child stories to my students during down time. I’ve got a new bunch of students every 9 months so I can repeat the stories knowing I’ve got a captive audience. However, lately I’ve been realizing I’m forgetting some of the awesome details. I think it’s time to record those stories so my kids can hear those, “back in my day,” stories before I go senile.

The Sore Cut Home

The summer I entered fourth grade seemed like yesterday even though it was a long, long time ago. Both of my parents decided that they would take my older brother, Joshua, myself, and my younger sister, Allison, with them to Jamaica. Spending time in Jamaica may sound wonderful because the beaches are beautiful, people are pleasant, and the food is fantastic. That is exactly what I thought until my mother told me we were going to be going into the mountains where they both grew up and we’d all be in summer school Monday through Thursday.

So that summer my siblings and I woke up in the morning, took the bus to school and walked home in the afternoon. One day while walking home in the blistering sun, my brother suggested we take a shortcut through a cactus field. He suggested that we walk sideways down the rows so we did not get pricked by the sharp points of each cactus. As we began walking through the field we quickly learned that it was going to be a sore cut instead of short cut. The short cut ended up taking longer than walking around because we stopped numerous times to take out the tips of the cactus. I encouraged my brother to keep moving forward with one step. I knew that with each step we took, that would mean we were one step closer to home.

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