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Red Sister Book Review

Red Sister Book Review

On Goodreads I gave Red Sister by Mark Lawrence 5 stars. The long and short of it is: I didn’t want to stop reading the book.

From time to time, I purchase a book for my Kindle then buy the narration through Audible (I listen while traveling to and from work). Those kinds of books are special books. When listening to Red Sister I found every excuse to stay in the car or take detours going the long way to work. That’s because Red Sister is more than special, it’s spectacular. Listening to Red Sister had me pulling into the parking lot at work like…

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Why I Write about Books

Why I Write about Books

I am a late reader. It took nearly 25 years for me to become a reader. One fateful weekend, there were no captivating shows on TV and video games couldn’t quench the hunger of my imagination. While I looked On-Demand for nearly 2 hours I realized what my mother told me decades before, “Pick up a book!”

I googled topics I was interested in and eventually found The Prince of Thorns. I bought the book through Amazon and read it on my wife’s Kindle. I devoured the book and finished reading it one sitting. By the end of the weekend, I ordered my own Kindle and I haven’t had time for video games since.

Why I Read

Books take you on a journey you couldn’t otherwise go on. As a fantasy lover, I can become a deadly sword-smith. I can challenge the notions of capitalism, manifest destiny, right & wrong, and explore my moral compass.

TV and video games have never let me explore imagination in the same way. They lack the emotional detail and substance books force you to face. Don’t get me wrong, it is nice to veg out and watch TV but authors make you believe characters in books are your friends. You grown up with them, you experience character’s trials and tribulations. You want what characters want and need what they need.

When I’m not busy reading fiction, I am lost in books challenging social hierarchies and the status quo. Everybody loves a hero, right? That is why we believe our vote matters. WE believe in our hearts one person can make a difference.

Why I Write about Books

I write about books because I want everyone to read books. Reading provides opportunities to challenge the way you think about your own life. The books I read motivate me to be better than I was the day before. The books encourage me to challenge the status quo, battle against the odds, or overcome inner demons while ascending to greatness. Who wouldn’t want to read about that?

Check out the category Literacy Life at the top of the page for more posts about books. You should also read the Book Review in the side bar for a list of fantasy titles. Are you reading something that forces you to think? Is there something you’ve read to make you push your comfort level? Share it with me. I’d love to read it and write about it.