Strong Memories, Strong Memories by Ari Barnett

Strong Memories, Strong Memories by Ari Barnett

Man Time by Ari Barnett

My favorite fathers experience with my son, who is known throughout our extended family as “King Anthony”, occurs every Sunday between the months of September and January.  It is on those days, that my wife hibernates to the bedroom, dusts off her DVR with a week’s worth of missed programming, and lets King Anthony and I enjoy what has become known as ‘Man Time’ in our house.

Man time consists of not only watching various football games (thanks Direct TV Sunday NFL ticket) all day. It also includes tracking player statistics, stuffing our faces (me with buffalo wings, him with Similac), and learning the fundamentals of the game.  ‘Man Time’ is very special to me because I remember when I was little. My father would set me in front of the TV and we would partake in the same Barnett ritual. I believe that is how I grew up to love the game of football from such an early age.

‘Man Time’ usually ends around 6:00pm when my wife calls us from downstairs for dinner.  Once the calls go unanswered she eventually comes upstairs to find her two boys passed out sound asleep in front of the TV.  Mommy usually gets a good laugh out of this and snaps off a few pictures.  It’s ok though.  Anthony and I are good sports about it.  This our tradition.  Every week during football season.  Man time.  My favorite memories of my son and I.

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