Should We Move?

Should We Move?

For the past few weeks we (the boss and I) have been considering moving. We like our home, love our neighbors and enjoy our community. With that being said, we are looking to use our living space as best we can.

Expanding Backwards

Our property backs up to conservation land and the “mature” forest look from our deck is beautiful all year long. There are no neighbors behind us, due to conservation laws, but that also limits expansion and construction ideas. Land within 35 feet of the conservation must remain undisturbed. For us that means we can’t go backwards.

Expanding Sideways

On one side of our house we are already as close to the property line as possible, but the other side of our house we’ve got nearly 30 feet to the property line. Before we get carried away it’s important to know on the property line there is an easement and that limits the distance we can expand the house on one side. For us that means it’s not worth the money to go out to the side.

Going Up

Going up is the only other logical choice. In no particular order, here is the laundry list of items to consider if we decide to break ground and go up on our house. These time killers must be done prior to construction.

Let’s Move

Doing the work listed above seems like a no-brainer to some. To others, it sounds like a nightmare. Some houses already have what we are looking for in a home:

  • quiet neighborhood,
  • master bath,
  • updated kitchen,
  • larger backyard for children to run and play in, and
  • close to work & amenities.

I love living in my home. After all, I’ve spent serious sweat equity in my front yard planting and maintaining a garden. Recently we’ve made upgrades in and out of the house.

A few months ago, I never thought we’d really consider moving. It all changed for me when we went to an open house in a neighboring town. After spending some time in the car traveling from one open house to another, we headed back to one house that stuck with us. It had everything we wanted in our home. All we had to do was sell and move.

By the end of the week, we met with a real estate selling agent, had a stager, real estate photographer, and a potential buyer walk through our home. Things seemed to be moving too fast so we’ve slowed down a bit. We have talked with builders, surveyors, talked to other people who’ve added another floor to their homes and continued viewing houses on the market.

I love my house and I had once thought I lived in my forever home. I’d be I love house hunting and am very interested to find a forever home. Let’s hope we find what we are looking for. When did “adulting” get so tough? Oh wait, it’s always been tough.

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