Red Sister Book Review

Red Sister Book Review

On Goodreads I gave Red Sister by Mark Lawrence 5 stars. The long and short of it is: I didn’t want to stop reading the book.

From time to time, I purchase a book for my Kindle then buy the narration through Audible (I listen while traveling to and from work). Those kinds of books are special books. When listening to Red Sister I found every excuse to stay in the car or take detours going the long way to work. That’s because Red Sister is more than special, it’s spectacular. Listening to Red Sister had me pulling into the parking lot at work like…

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Red Sister by Mark Lawrence has incredible action from the opening page, great balance of suspense and mystery from beginning to end, and amazing character development. I have read every book Mark Lawrence (my review of Prince of Thorns) has published and I haven’t ever been disappointed. In fact, I enjoyed Red Sister, Lawrence’s most recently published book, so much I considered rereading it the moment I finished.


The story begins with Nona being rescued from the gallows by the Abbess of the Convent of Sweet Mercy. From there we see there is more than meets the eye whenever Nona is involved. Escaping the gallows wasn’t the first and won’t be the last trial.

The Convent of Sweet Mercy is a place for girls to train to become deadly weapons. Girls train in 5 different areas: Shade, Blade, Path, Academia, & Spirit. Each area of focus brings them closer in their calling to serve their faith. Each girl possess a rare gift (a touch of magic). Some girls have a touch more than others while a rare few have multiple gifts.

Nona, is a girl with incredible gifts. Powerful people want her dead, she keeps secrets from those who wish to protect her, and Nona’s past gives her good reason to be distrustful. Throughout Nona’s years in the convent she learns to fight, trust, and develops a taste for vengance.

Favorite Parts of the Book

  • Piecing together Nona’s past.
  • The Shield Test.
  • Nona’s evolution and walking the Blade Path.
  • Learning about the Ancestor.
  • The Abbess and all of her scheming.


Should you read Red Sister? Of course. It’s the start of a new series in a world completely divulged from the Broken Empire. Pick up a copy, you’ll enjoy it. No, you’ll love it and recommend it to someone else.

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