Playing Tricks on an 18 Month Never Gets Old

Playing Tricks on an 18 Month Never Gets Old

Months back when Uncle Josh was visiting, the two of us decided to play a trick on MJ. At the time, she was about 18 months old and Uncle Josh and I reverted back to our childhood for a few minutes.

Uncle Josh and I look quite similar.When we want to look a like, we can look pretty similar, or at least I like to think I look like J-Smooth. The kids say we look the same. After all Uncle Josh is live and in person a handful of times each year. They see him often in the computer and that be confusing when Uncle Josh shows up with cupcakes.

Silly Rabbit, This Trick is for Kids

Uncle Josh jumped into my bed just as he heard the pitter patter of foot steps coming down the hall. MJ yelled, “Dada, where are you?” Even though it didn’t come out that clearly, we all knew what she meant to say. Uncle Josh looked at me and I knew what needed to be done. We locked eyes and I instinctively knew what he was thinking. Synchronized motions meant must have played a similar trick like this on Auntie Allison at some point.

Diving below the covers just before the door creaked open, Uncle Josh and I decided to hid on separate sides of the bed. Josh dashed to my side of the bed while I jumped onto the boss‘s side. The next series of events went quickly.

  • MJ walked to my side of the bed.
  • On my side of the bed, MJ pulled back the covers.
  • Seeing Uncle Josh, MJ backed away slowly looking all around.
  • MJ walked to the other side of the bed and pulled back the covers and said, “Dada! I find you.”

At 18 months old I was impressed she didn’t run away crying. She continued to keep looking until things made sense to her. Now, she’s just over 2 years old and I’m not sure how she’d react to the same trick. Most likely she’d say, “You’re a bad bergen!” to Uncle Josh and storm off in search of her zeebie.

Thinking back to this moment has me realizing my brother and I haven’t grown up too much. Neither one of us takes ourselves too serious. We can still play and have a good time with the best of them.

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