Let’s Learn how to Count

Let’s Learn how to Count

Every car trip is exciting. The kids either get into the car like champs or they struggle mightily. It isn’t their fault, they are only four and two years old. Once we make it into the car the kids sing along with a soundtrack in the backseat or play games. My favorite game is One More.

One More

The game One More began when we taught My Main Man to count. One through ten was simple enough to learn, twelve to fourteen can still be a little hairy, and fifteen to nineteen is comical to listen to. Twenty is followed by the question, “What is one more?”


Both kids know there are numbers greater than twenty but the kids think it is hilarious that numbers have two names: twenty-one, thirty-five, eighty-six, etc. My Main Man  has begun to learn if he hears, “twenty-six,” he only needs to repeat the first number name then one more.

My favorite thing My Main Man does when he is on fire with One More, he starts bopping in his car seat. His over zealousness is plan to see as he begins begging  for difficult number. The boss or I say something like, “Sixty-two,” and My Main Man will screams out, “Sixty-two sixty-three.” Get it? He thinks sixty-two is the base  number and attaches sixty-three on the end.

We all have a good laugh and the game breaks down shortly after. I continue to be wonder what he is thinking inside his head when he comes up with these ideas. His thinking and logic aren’t wrong. The numbers he comes up at the end of One More make sense and we will continue to refine his counting over time. Counting up will be a simpler task to address than explaining why people say, “drank,” instead of “drinked.”

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