Diversity in Movies

Diversity in Movies

I loved Tron (2007). I thought the idea was cool, the music was good, and the lights were cool. Plus, as a kid, I grew up hearing how cool Tron was but I couldn’t watch it with the big cousins. Insert Player One is coming out and the trailer looks to be a Tron-like reboot without the lights and techno music.
One thing seems to be missing, black and brown people (diversity). Watching the trailer in my car before I getting to work got my day off on the wrong foot. I couldn’t help but wonder, what is wrong with this trailer? There should be at least a few black and brown people, right?

Has there always been a diversity problem in fantasy/sci-fi movies?

Getting out of the car I thought about movies I had watched as a kid. There always seemed to be a token black guy we, the black and brown community, could rally behind. Whether it was the black guy with two words in Annie. Morpheus was a beast in The Matrix even though he was searching high and low for the white savior. Remember the black guy in Jurassic Park who had a minute of screen time? I thought he was going to make it off the island.
Now movies have begun to have better representation thanks to Denzel, Morgan Freeman, Samuel, Will Smith, Idris Elba and The Rock. But…is there no black and brown people in the digital recreation of the perfect internet society of Insert Player One?
Tell me, am I stretching too far? Anyone else notice this too? Maybe this will explain why I didn’t want to watch the entire Transformers series. Can Black Panther hurry up and get here?

Since I began writing this idea, #BlackHogwarts began trending on Twitter highlighting the lack of diversity in Harry Potter.

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