Celebrating and Doing the Potty Song

Celebrating and Doing the Potty Song

Potty training a 2 year old is much harder than it sounds. Before you think I am the one doing all the work, you should know the boss is spearheading this like Mad Max.

Mad Max *cough*the boss *cough*

A few years ago my son learned how to use the potty. What that means to every parent out there, the last child’s milestones were another lifetime ago when we achieved the impossible.

My son learned to use the potty by being rewarded with fruit snacks. He couldn’t wait to sit and have a chance to earn some “berry” goodness. Unfortunately, there were many times when the boss and Jackie went into the cupboard and I was caught eating the fruit snacks because of the hungry horrors. My bad, I ate more fruit snacks than Jackie did. They’re delicious, don’t judge me.

With my daughter, we needed to think of some motivation to get my precious to sit on the potty. After all, rewards worked for Jackie, rewards should work for MJ? If you didn’t know, MJ loves stickers. You should see how pumped she gets when the clerks at Market Basket give her large purchase stickers. She puts them all over her body and looks like she’s got a serious case of small pox. Hence, the potty chart was created with multiple places for stickers when there is live potty action. To quote Thomas the Train, “And then there was trouble.” Someone forgot to mention the kids are as different as a right and left hand. They have their parents in common but that’s about it.

These two couldn't be more different. What's it going to be like when they both have to learn how to potty.
So similar, I don’t think so.

Thoughts on the First 3 Hours of Potty Training

  • Is potty training ever going to end?


  • OMG, she did it! Potty dance.

  • I hate cleaning pee off the floor.


  • Keep trying. You’re almost there Precious.


  • Whoop! Whoop! You did it again! Potty Dance.

  • I think she is getting the hang of it.


  • I hate cleaning pee off the floor.


  • I’m going to walk out of here and…Yeah, Potty Dance!

  • Let’s put a pull up on her. She’s never going to get this.


  • Oh yeah! You did it again. You are an expert! Potty DANCE.

  • Why can’t you go in the potty? It’s right in front of you. Don’t you like the stickers you’re getting?


  • You’re so much better than your brother. You went number 2 on your first day. POTTY DANCE!

  • I hate cleaning pee off the floor. You’re not ready!

Final Thoughts

It goes without saying, we are going to keep at potty training. We will continue to sing, dance and place stickers on the potty chart (someone pulled it off the wall and ripped it to shreds) when MJ goes 1 or 2 on her throne. Cleaning up the mess makes it worth celebrating the good times.

What were your potty adventures like? I’d love to hear about them.

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